Have extra questions that you don’t want to ask? This Frequently Asked Question page was designed for just that.

At the very first print shop that would hire me, I was always frustrated that we couldn’t just list prices on the website, so I feel you. I would love to provide prices right on the site. However, upon opening this shop we discovered that the nature of screen printing on a boutique-sized scale requires individual quotes based on the volatility of the garment cost and a host of other factors. If you are curious, here is a list of those factors:
  • Total quantity of shirts being printed. (Minimum 36)
  • The brand, color, and type of shirt.
  • The number of colors in your artwork.
  • The number of locations being printed.

We require 100% of the cost and a signed contract before we start printing.

We try to accept all forms of fiat currency. We do not accept cryptocurrency.

Currently, we can accept:

  • Cash
  • Check (May take days to process)
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal 
  • Cash App
  • Venmo (with additional processing fees)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Tacos

Please know that we are working around the clock to ensure you get your garments fast, however, we are not Amazon. Our turnaround clock starts after we receive payment and mockups are approved. Due to complications like Covid-19 and recent product shortages, we can estimate that your garments will ship out or be ready for pickup within 5-12 business days. However, this is entirely dependent on the distribution chain, available labor, size or complication of the order and current queue.


Example #1: You ordered 36 one-color tees and we got all garments next day and we have one 500 four-color job means we may take longer due to the job in front of yours.

Example #2: You ordered 100 shirts but 4 are lost in shipping. This means we must wait until all garments are accounted for before adding to the print queue.

Example #3: All garments show up next day, you are first in line, and we print that day or next. They will be ready to pickup in less than a week.

A: Minimum order is 36 pieces.

As long as the print location and ink color stays the same, you can split them up between any color or style of garment. 

Pretty much anywhere. We must warn you that going over seams, zippers, and collars does affect the print quality.

Yes! However, with bringing your own garments, there are a couple things we must warn you about.

First, providing your own garments will only make printing marginally cheaper. We get garments at wholesale rates and make most of our money from the printing process.

Second, we cannot guarantee print quality on provided garments. While we will do our best to do a great job, some garments just aren’t printable. We will return garments that we are unable to print.

Third, we mess up. Presses move out of alignment, curing the ink can sometimes go terribly wrong. We may lose and almost expect to lose a few garments every job. We cannot guarantee all of your garments will make it to sale and we cannot reimburse you for damaged shirts.

We accept any file or even a drawing on a napkin. However, if a file is too low quality to print, we charge extra for the time spent making the file print-ready.

Here is our blog post about making your art print-ready to avoid a higher price.

Not at this time.

Currently, we can print up to 12″ x 15″. 

When printing on dark garments, an underbase is used to ensure a bright print. It requires an extra screen and is essential on anything other than pastel or light colors.

Generally, we do not give refunds. However, every job is different. Check out our terms page for our shop policies.

If the shipping gods will let us, we will ship it to you. However, it may be cheaper to get garments printed by your local shop. Be sure to check out what is available near you. We get killer shipping prices most can’t get and still shipping can be hundreds of dollars. 

The core tenants of bummer-free printing are:

  • Must be respectful of workers
    • All the garments we source are from companies who pay fair market wages and above. 
    • We drop our markups on American-made and Union produced garments to compete with imported goods. We make less money, be we feel better about the product.
    • We do not use companies that have a history of worker abuse, we do reconsider relationships to brands every year based on their improvements.
    • Shaky Hands is a union shop with the IWW and is worker-owned. That means we are queer, trans, and woman-owned because we own it together. We make all of our decisions together through consensus decision-making.
    • We do not tolerate jerks. While we believe in providing excellent customer service, all workers have the ability to stop a job at any point in the printing process. If you are good to us, we will be good to you. Being chill and understanding in the face of delays or mishaps may even get you a deal down the road.
  • Must be animal friendly
    • All garments we source are made with plant-based materials and dyes.
    • All garments we source put work into the proper disposal of waste to reduce harm on vital eco-systems.
    • All products used in the shop contain no animal-sourced ingredients.
  • Must be planet positive
    • All distributors and garment producers we source from use environmentally-friendly practices within their facilities as well as strive for a lower carbon footprint. 
    • Every choice we make within our shop asks the question, “How can we reduce waste and how can we be mindful of our impact on the planet?”
    • All chemicals are safely disposed of.
    • All inks are biodegradable and water-based.
  • Must be body positive
    • While not always perfect, we source garments that range in sizes from newborn to 6XL.
    • We ask folks of all sizes, especially those with larger bodies about their favorite garments. This helps us get a better idea of brand switches within order runs to ensure everyone is comfortable in a Shaky Hands shirt.
    • We do not, under any circumstance, charge more for sizes above XL. We will always work to ensure all shirts in a run are identical in cost for all sizes.
  • Must be community-minded.
    • Our business thrives when we are one with the community we operate in, so we 

If you are local, we offer the ability for you to pick up the order. If you are within Milwaukee, we can deliver it to your door. Outside of those options, we ship via SPEE-DEE, USPS, FED EX, and UPS at your expense. All orders ship with insurance and a signature is required.