We have worked tirelessly to update the way we do things to ensure we are doing as little harm to the earth as we can. However, we are not perfect. We still have a negative impact and our goal is to reduce it as much as possible. 



Since the first day, we have only used 100% water-based inks and only environmentally-friendly chemicals for clean up. No PVC, no Phthalates, and no poison. 

While we offer a range of products, we offer 100% cotton garments as our standard garments and provide incentives for customers to choose the environmentally-friendly choice. When taken care of, cotton garments will last decades and will breakdown in a compost pile when you are finished with them. A mark of a truly amazing product. 

At the wake of our inception, we adopted a goal to get rid of trash all together. Instead of depending on a landfill, we depend on Recycling and Composting to rid ourselves of 98% of our trash. We only need to find a home for our heavily soiled t-shirt “rags”.

We have worked hard, finding solutions to all of our trash. Here is a list broken down into the three Rs.

Reduce We first started with the question, what don’t we need? So we got rid of anything that couldn’t be recycled or composted. We also analyzed what chemicals we didn’t need to reorder. If it takes a lil’ more elbow grease to clean, we’d rather use that then add another chemical to the shelf regardless of how environmentally- friendly it is. Another way to reduce is to buy bulk whenever possible. This means more cash in our pocket, less plastic, and less trucks on the road. It is a rare Win-win.

Reuse Well, what is left? We reuse everything we can. We reuse every box we get for shipping out products, we reuse our mistake t-shirts for test printing and rags for cleanup rather than single-use towels. We even reuse our ink containers custom blends and containers for tools.

Recycle For everything else, we asked “Is it 100% recyclable?”, if not, what will be? Luckily, everything we use can go right into the recycling bin. Rad!

With everyday tasks like masking off areas on a screen, adhering Film Positives to frames and so much more makes single-use plastic tape almost seem essential thus making it a common staple in screen printing today. We have found many ways around this through innovative solutions to remove tape completely from the shop.

We currently use the power of bicycles when delivering locally, when possible. When bicycles aren’t feasible, we offer 100% free carbon-neutral shipping to all customers who don’t get to see meet our best friends (Yes, I’m still talking about the bikes).



We know we aren’t done. As we grow, we look at solving different issues. Here are a couple future goals of ours.